Mr. M. Adil Khattak
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. M. Ilyas                                                                          Ms. Amna Aman
Executive (CEO Secretariat)                                                Executive (Coordination)


Syed Asad Abbas
Assistant General Manager (Finance & Corporate Affairs)

Finance Department is responsible for overall financial planning, funds management, management of information systems and optimal utilization and safeguarding of corporate resources. The role of the department includes re-engineering of business processes and internal controls by best utilization of state of the art information technologies. It also renders support services to other functional areas for enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness for long-term value creation.


  • Finance Secretariat
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Financial Reporting
  • Treasury and Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Oil Accounting
  • Fixed Assets & Insurance

Mr. Usman Ishaq
Manager (BR&AD)

Business Review & Assurance Department (BR&AD) has been formed as a result of business process reengineering of Internal Audit function. The vision of BR & AD is to be the Catalyst for improvement in the organisation. BR&AD is a service tool, to be used as the most effective control process in ARL with respect to the systems, controls, operations, management, efficiency and accountability. BR&AD acts not only as a watchdog but also as a Consultant helping the management in achieving the strategic goals and objectives of the company. The BR&AD function cover a vast range of activities from simply carrying out transaction verification to operations/efficiency reviews and consultancy services in areas which need special expertise.


Mr. Asif Saeed
Assistant General Manager (Commercial & Materials Management)

Commercial and Materials Management department consist of following major sections of ARL:

  • Sales & Commercial Section is responsible for sale of petroleum products, execution of commercial agreements, and coordination with customers including pricing of petroleum products etc.
  • Procurement is responsible for Procurement of goods which includes imports and local purchases. Procurement is also            responsible for disposal of fixed assets including sludge disposal as well etc.
  • Materials Management is responsible for maintaining stock items as per predefined control levels and also responsible for        correctly specifying the stocked goods.
  • IT is responsible for providing software and hardware support.

Brig. (R) Javed Iqbal Malik
Assistant General Manager (Human Resources & Administration)
The Human Resources and Administration (HR&A) department is responsible for optimization and rationalization of human and other resources. The core of HR is to ensure efficient and effective recruitment, selection and retention of high quality professionals, providing opportunities to build their careers, evolving and implementing training and development plans for developing technical and behavioral skills of employees, facilitating performance appraisal process for employees to foster performance culture at ARL and undertaking cordial industrial relations.

The Administration wing of HR&A department is mainly overseeing the affairs related to Office Services and Transport, Dining facilities to the employees, provision of security and protection of company land, Product Loss Investigation, legal compliance, Public Relations, CSR and Horticulture activities etc.


  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Security & Product Loss Investigation
  • Training and Development
  • Horticulture
  • Staff Affairs
  • Public Relations and CSR
  • Time Office
  • Land Section
  • Office Services and Transport
  • Legal Affairs

Mr. Salman Tariq
Assistant General Manager (Maintenance)

Maintenance Department plays a very significant and critical role in the refinery. It aims to achieve excellence in performance by:

Providing Zero Defective repair and maintenance services of highest standards to company’s internal and external customers.

Enhancing skill level of technical staff and training them so that they can perform maintenance in efficient manner.

Improving productivity by actively advancing towards the state of the art technology, system and services that meet the emerging expectations of on-growing competitive environment and achieve safe environment for zero loss time injuries.


  • Plants maintenance
  • Power Plant
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Offsite Maintenance
  • Planning & CMMS
  • Workshop, Transport, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Civil Structure and Building

Mr. Ejaz H. Randhawa
Deputy General Manager (Operations)

Operations department operates refining units and allied facilities. There are four distillation units viz. HBU-I, HBU-II, HCU and Lummus. Downstream units include Reformer/Isomerization units and Diesel Hydro De-Sulfurization unit for preparation of premium quality gasoline and low sulfur diesel, respectively. Auxiliary units like Hydrogen unit, Amine unit, Sour Water Stripper and an Effluent Treatment Plant are also in operation for producing prime quality products in an environment friendly manner. The products include LPG, premium motor gasoline, jet fuels, kerosene, high speed diesel, light diesel oil, furnace fuel oil, Mineral Turpentine oil, Jute batching oil, solvent oil and various grades of bitumen. Current nameplate refining capacity is 53,400 barrels per day. Following are different sections in Operations department:


  • HBU’s
  • Reformer
  • HCU
  • ISOM unit
  • Lummus and Merox
  • Diesel Hydro De-Sulfurization
  • Oil Movement-I
  • Hydrogen unit
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Amine unit
  • Asphalt/PMB Blending Plant
  • Sour Water Stripper
  • Oil Movement -II
  • Sulfur Recovery unit
  • Utility Operations
  • Oil Accounting



Mr. Munir A.Temuri
Assistant General Manager (Technical Services, Planning & Development)

Technical Services Department (TSD) plays a vital role in providing all kind of technical support for trouble free operations of the Refinery. It has a multifunctional nature of work ranging from Production Planning, Energy Auditing, Optimization and process design, Refinery economics and pre-feasibilities, Plant Monitoring, Product quality control and Research & Development. TSD work includes technical support to on-going and planned projects: it must vet and approve all process modifications keeping in view need, technical viability and economic justification for each proposed change.


Mr. Saeed Uddin Faruqi
Manager (Engineering)
The Engineering Department provides a wide array of services to all departments especially the Operations and Maintenance departments. Its functions of Design, Inspection and Contracts each separately headed by a Section Incharge ensure that all works carried out in the refinery meet all international standards of quality and reliability. The routine in-service and shutdown inspections ensure continuous and safe operation of the plant and equipment. The Design section is fully equipped to carry out complete in-house designs of piping modifications and works related to storage facilities. All major repairs and constructions are carried out through contracts awarded by the Contracts section which follows an ISO certified procedure for evaluation and monitoring of contractors.


  • Project Engineering
  • Contracts
  • Inspection

Mr. Anwer Saeed
Manager (HSEQ)
ARL is committed to provide the best quality products in the market, endeavors to protect the environment and to ensure health and safety of its employees, contractors, and customers and work for continual improvements in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) systems.
ARL is committed to comply with all applicable Health, Safety, Environment and Quality laws and regulations

ARL Initiatives to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions>

Quality Control Laboratory (QCL) offers a wide range of chemical and physical analytical tests. Most of these tests are standard ASTM, IP, UOP, AASHTO and USEPA publications. In addition to that, QCL also develops its own analytical test methods, which are standardized after thorough validation work